Management Toward Recovery During A Crisis

Several weeks ago we were in Survival mode with the COVID-19 announcement, then given the notice to self isolate and wear PPE / not wear PPE just to make things even more confusing. For some people, their first reaction when the news came was reptilian in nature. They became frozen and held their breath, imagine a GECKO starring at you with zero movement and its eyes rolling around looking at everything. Others took flight as a coping mechanism and tried to get away from the news while a select few got aggressive which was more selfish in nature. After all the pandemonium, we began to breathe again and had to assess our environments. Enter – The Recovery phase and where do we go from here? The need and hunt for PPE spawned agencies to initiate special forces and recon-missions to try and find those now-needed supplies. We can't forget the alleged shortage of TP. We fully understand that the changes have been put into place very quickly and may change further as more information and a deeper understanding becomes available. What we also know for sure is that what we are seeing now more than ever before, is the need for technology is paramount to manage through this type of change now and beyond. Below we've touched on just a few ways the GoEasyCare Solution has helped and would encourage you to give us a call if you'd like to learn more and have a look.

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How quickly things have changed. From having PT staff working multiple locations with multiple responsibilities to making sure each staff only works with one individual or at one location. The need to fill vacant shifts became even more rigorous and demanding.

  • GoEasyCare has always had this capability – easily managed and easily initiated.

From having call-ins for SICK to call-ins because "I don't want to get sick'. Luckily, for the most part, the entire sector of support staff are going the extra mile for the needs of the exceptional people you support. The Challenges remain and a new Culture (more on that later) will need to be adopted.

  • GoEasyCare can automate the shift filling and follow all the NEW rules


This ties in with scheduling plus more. Obviously, you will want to keep track of staff and the locations they are working at. If you need to have them work at more than one location, how quickly can you pull a report to show who worked there and when? If there is a need to self isolate, you'll want to set alerts to know when they are due to return to work. Know how many shifts have been offered to each staff and their responses to analyse trends and manage expectations. We will help you set those parameters up with full support.

A Shift in Culture

There are many new and not-so-new policies being examined and implemented across the Province. GoEasyCare wants to help in many ways. Working with the agencies to collaborate and design a new culture within the sector is something we'd like to help initiate.